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Business License Tax Holiday

Business License Tax Holiday

San Leandro is open and ready for business!

With an unparalleled, strategic location and the fastest internet connectivity available anywhere, businesses in San Leandro are leveraging San Leandro's assets and becoming industry leaders.

To accelerate the growth of San Leandro businesses, the business license is FREE for all new businesses that commence operations in San Leandro from the present through September 1, 2014. Virtually all businesses that are new to San Leandro, from tech start-ups to family restaurants as well as businesses re-locating from other areas, are exempt from the tax until 2015.

For your convenience, information on the Business License Tax Holiday is also available in Spanish and Chinese.

Frequently Asked Questions

What businesses qualify for the tax holiday?
The Business License Tax Holiday will apply to almost all businesses that are new to San Leandro, including start-ups and businesses re-locating from other cities. The program excludes out-of-City contractors, businesses not physically located in San Leandro, residential and commercial property owners, amusement devices, and waste disposal sites.

Does my business still need to get a business license?
Yes. Even though the fee is waived, every firm conducting business in San Leandro needs a business license. This allows the City to maintain accurate data on business activity and ensure that every business is operating consistent with the zoning code and other applicable regulations. Please click here for more information on acquiring a business license.

How will the Business License Tax Holiday be applied?
Every new business starting operations in San Leandro between September 1, 2013 through August 31, 2014 will not pay any business license tax through the end of 2014. Qualifying businesses will be required to begin paying through the annual business license renewal process, effective January 1, 2015.

Is it still necessary to pay the zoning conformance review fee?
The zoning conformance review fee is also being waived for businesses that qualify for the Business License Tax Holiday. New business will still need a zoning review, but no fee will be charged.

Do I qualify for the program if my business is moving within San Leandro or applying for a new license due to change in ownership?
No. The program is limited to business operations that are truly new to San Leandro.

My business began operations before September 1, 2013 but has not yet applied for a business license. Does this program apply for my business?
No. The Business License Tax Holiday does not apply for businesses that began operations before September 1, 2013. Back taxes and penalties will still apply.

Will any other other fees be charged?
Depending on the location of the business, Business Improvement District fees, which cannot legally be waived, may still be charged. Peddlers and solicitors will also need to pay permit fees via the Police Department. Businesses making physical improvements to a property will also be subject to building permit and other applicable fees.

Who can I contact for more information?
To learn more about doing business in San Leandro, please contact Jeff Kay in the Office of Business Development at (510) 577-3319 or jkay@sanleandro.org. For specific questions about acquiring a business license, please contact the San Leandro Finance Department at (510) 577-3392.