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Lit San Leandro

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Lit San Leandro

What is Lit San Leandro?

Lit San Leandro was conceived by Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy, a San Leandro resident, and president and founder of OSIsoft, one of the City’s largest employers. Mayor Stephen Cassidy met with Dr. Kennedy in January 2011 and they began developing the public-private partnership that was necessary for the project.

On October 17, 2011, the San Leandro City Council unanimously approved a license agreement allowing installation of a fiber optic loop, known as "Lit San Leandro," through several areas of the City using existing conduit. Lit San Leandro offers an opportunity to revolutionize San Leandro's infrastructure, positioning the City to be a major player in the high-tech and clean-tech economies. Businesses connecting to the fiber loop enjoy internet speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second, roughly 2,000 times the average U.S. connection speed.

On March 2, 2012, Lit San Leandro went live, connecting its first building to the fiber optic network. As of summer 2013, the vast majority of the loop is operational and almost 2 million square feet of building space is connected in San Leandro.

San Leandro Awarded a $2.1m Grant to Expand Lit San Leandro

In 2012, San Leandro was awarded a $2.1 million federal grant to expand its brand new public-private fiber network for businesses, which offers data transmission speeds of 10 gigabits per second -- 2,000 times faster than the average U.S. connection.

The money from the U.S. Economic Development Administration will help pay for 7.5 additional miles of new conduit, bringing the Lit San Leandro fiber network to a total of over 18 miles, said Mayor Stephen Cassidy. The conduit expansion will provide service to industrial areas of San Leandro and potentially facilitate connections to Oakland and its port. Over 950 businesses are located within 200 meters of the proposed expansion segments. Expansion segments are shown in red on the system map shown to the right.

A key element of the expansion proposal is a connection to San Leandro's shoreline. Adding fiber optic broadband to the site of a future mixed use development project will enhance the City's ability to attract a premium, high-tech tenant to the office component of the project.

The expansion project was completed early in 2015.

Utilizing Lit San Leandro

The Lit San Leandro fiber system is connected to the outside world via fiber lines leased by BART’s Telecommunications Division. Businesses in San Leandro can now tap into a direct fiber connection to most long haul carriers and telecom suppliers, allowing them to connect to the external world, e.g. data centers, hubs, other offices, at extremely high speeds. The City received approximately ten percent of the fiber capacity for its own use. That capacity will facilitate expansion of the City’s internal data communications as well as potential partnerships with other entities that can provide expanded broadband services for the community.

Lit San Leandro Receives National Attention

In the March 14, 2012 edition of the Wall Street Journal, Lit San Leandro is discussed and promoted. 
Read whole article here.

For More Information

Businesses interested in learning more about the Lit San Leandro system can visit www.litsanleandro.com or contact Lit San Leandro directly at info@litsanleandro.com. For more information on relocating to San Leandro, businesses can contact Deborah Acosta at dacosta@sanleandro.org.



Informational brochure on Lit San Leandro

Map and listing of business and development opportunity sites adjacent to the fiber loop