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Shoreline Area Development

The City of San Leandro is  in the process of developing approximately 50 acres of its 950 acres of publicly owned shoreline.

The Environmental Impact Review is Underway!

The Shoreline Project requires a General Plan Amendment, a Rezone and a Planned Development approval.  As such, a comprehensive California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) process, specifically an Environmental Impact Report (EIR), must be undertaken. The City entered into a consultant services agreement on May 20, 2013 with The Planning Center | DC&E for preparation of an Environmental Impact Report. The draft Environmental Impact Report is expected to be released December 2014. Please view the Notice of Preparation for the Environmental Impact Report. 

History & Vision of the Shoreline Development

Cal-Coast Development was selected to work closely with City staff, the City Council and the San Leandro community to create a multi-faceted, successful development along San Leandro's shoreline, and Exclusive Negotiating Rights Agreements with Cal Coast were approved by the City Council in October 2008 and April 2012.

The development process includes significant input from the Community.  In 2008 a Shoreline Citizens Advisory Committee (Shoreline CAC) commenced its first meeting and met at the Marina Inn on select Wednesdays at 7 p.m. over course of three years.  Meetings were open to the public and all community members were invited to attend and provide input. The Shoreline CAC fulfilled their mission and was disbanded in the Spring of 2011. For more information on the background and history of the Shoreline CAC, including meeting highlights and past presentations, click here

Moving into the next stage of development, a Shoreline Advisory Group (SAG) was formed to continue to provide valuable community input on the Shoreline Development as it moves forward.  The SAG is comprised of 21 CAC members who expressed an interest in continuing.  Three new members of the community who demonstrated an expertise in design and architecture will be added in November 2012. For more information on the SAG, including highlights and presentations, click here.

The vision for the development is a comprehensive master plan for the Shoreline area that:

  • provides complementary amenities to the citizens of the City of San Leandro,
  • connects the amenities with current shoreline uses,
  • recognizes the development value of this desirable regional location and how commercial development can fund public amenities and services,
  • addresses logical phasing of development,
  • requires little or no City investment, and
  • results in a Shoreline which is self supporting.


Conceptual Master Plan-for discussion only. Please click on image for larger view.

Plans include a conference center/hotel, a 150,000 square foot Class-A office campus connected to the fiber optic loop, restuarants, residential properties, multiple recreational improvements and a rebuilt state-of-the-art Marina Mulford Branch Library.

On July 20, 2011 the Shoreline Development Citizens Advisory Committee approved a motion to support Discussion Plan 8 for the land-side development at the Shoreline and that the City maintain the boat harbor for as long as feasible, then move to the Aquatic Park alternative should additional revenue not be found.

The CAC recommendation was brought to the City Council for discussion at a City Council work session on September 26, 2011. The City Council directed staff to:

  • Negotiate a new Exclusive Negotiating Rights Agreement (ENRA) with Cal-Coast to proceed with the CAC recommendation for the Conceptual Master Plan
  • Formal planning application from Cal-Coast
  • Initiate entitlement process
  • Continue discussion with various local, state and federal agencies on required discretionary permits in partnership with Cal-Coast
  • Prepare Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and land use entitlements
  • Negotiate Development Agreement with Cal-Coast

On October 15, 2012 Cal Coast Development and City Staff presented an update on the Shoreline Development to the City Council.  Included in this presentation was a revised Conceptual Master Plan, dated October 2012, and tentative project schedule. The current plan encompasses slight modifications based on feedback from the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) and concepts from CH2M Hill, the consultant retained to design basin elements based on analysis of site conditions, input from the SAG and comments from BCDC. A timeline for the project was reviewed, with highlights being:

                      December 2014: Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) released

                      Summer 2015: EIR certified

                      2015: Permitting, entitlement and agreement processes underway

                      2017: Groundbreak

Frequently Asked Questions About Development of the Shoreline

To view or print a complete copy of the Shoreline FAQ, please click here