General Plan

The City of San Leandro's General Plan was adopted by the San Leandro City Council in May 2002. The plan is the result of hundreds of hours of public meetings and the collective efforts of individuals from throughout the community. The Plan was updated in 2011 with the Certification of the city’s new Housing Element.

The plan is comprehensive, providing a framework for the city's physical, economic, social and environmental development, and addresses all geographic areas within San Leandro. The plan is also long-range, looking ahead to 2015 and addressing issues that must be resolved as San Leandro faces the future, while at the same time presenting policies that guide day-to-day decisions.

The document is general enough to respond to new trends and unexpected changes, but specific enough to inform residents, businesses, staff and city leaders about policies for development of individual properties.

The San Leandro General Plan received two prestigious awards in 2002 from the American Planning Association:

  • Best Comprehensive Plan for a Small Jurisdiction
  • First Place, Northern Section and Statewide

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