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Zoning Code & Zoning Map

Zoning Code & Zoning Map


The most recent major update of the San Leandro Zoning Code took effect on November 3, 2016, though minor updates occur regularly. The current Zoning Map took effect on April 19, 2017. The broad purposes of the Zoning Code are to protect and promote public health, safety and general welfare and implement the policies of the City of San Leandro General Plan and any adopted Specific Plan or Redevelopment Plan.

The Zoning Code is comprised of regulations, known as zoning regulations, establishing various classes of zoning districts governing the use of land and the placement of buildings and improvements within districts. The regulations also provide for the administration and amendment of the Zoning Code.The Zoning Map (see right) delineates the boundaries of the zoning districts within the City of San Leandro.

Download Zoning Map PDF
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NOTE: The online version of the City of San Leandro Zoning Code and Map provided above are not official copies of those documents. Although every effort is made to keep the online versions up-to-date, please check with Planning Services staff at planner@sanleandro.org or call (510) 577-3325 for the latest amendments and corrections.


Part I - General Provisions

Part II - Base District Regulations

Part III - Overlay Zoning Districts

Part IV - Regulations Applying in All or Several Districts

Part V - Administration

Part VI - Affordable Housing

Table of Permitted Uses Quick Reference

Municipal Code 

Administrative Code