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Sansome Pacific

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Sansome Pacific

Sansome Pacific Mixed Use Project

The adoption of the Downtown San Leandro Transit-Oriented Development ("TOD") Strategy in 2007 included the identification of several opportunity sites that were determined to be well-suited to the high-density, walkable development characteristics envisioned in the plan.  One of the opportunity sites is the block bounded by East 14th Street, Callan Avenue, Hyde Street, and Chumalia Street, which is comprised of a corner parcel and building owned by CVS Health, a mixed used property controlled by the Portuguese Fraternal Society of America, and a City-owned parking lot.  This block was selected because of its central location at the most significant intersection in Downtown San Leandro and because the existing development is relatively low density as it is made up of one- and two-story buildings and a large surface parking lot.  By contrast, the TOD Strategy envisioned higher-density, mixed use development that would support a more vibrant and pedestrian-friendly downtown.

The CVS store closed in November 2014 and the City and CVS began working to market the adjacent properties for sale early in 2015.  City staff determined that a mixed use residential project was most appropriate for this site, providing much needed residential development at a time when large housing sites are not available, while also offering a significant retail opportunity at ground level. After several months of marketing the site, the City and CVS called for offers on July 1, 2015.  After careful review of the offers received, interviews, and direction from the City Council, Sansome Pacific was selected to move forward in the process. Sansome Pacific was chosen for the following reasons:

  • A strong track record in both retail and residential properties, including numerous successful projects in the Bay Area;
  • A ground floor retail component that was more ambitious than the other offers;
  • A history of working successfully with numerous retailers that are desired by the San Leandro community;
  • A partnership with a highly-regarded architect and a commitment to top-quality design and construction.

In the coming months, City staff and Sansome Pacific will work on developing more detailed plans. The completion of the design and the issuance of entitlements are likely to take the majority of 2016.  While covered under the Environmental Impact Report certified in conjunction with the adoption of the TOD Strategy, if any additional environmental review is required, it will be determined as part of this entitlement process as plans for the proposed project are further defined.