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San Leandro's Zoning Code

San Leandro's Zoning Code

San Leandro Zoning Code

In March 2017, the City Council approved an update to the City’s General Plan and amendments to the Zoning Code, which took effect on March 20, 2017. The new Zoning Code provisions ensure conformity with the updated General Plan, modify certain land use designations in Downtown San Leandro and establish a new Industrial Transition (IT) zoning district. The Zoning Code is updated regularly.

San Leandro's Zoning Code can be viewed online here.

The Planning Services Division is responsible for implementing the Zoning Code. Anyone with questions about the Zoning Code is welcome to call or visit the City’s One Stop Permit Center which is open Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8am – 4pm and Wednesdays from 8am – 3pm. 

 Para asistencia en Español  510-577-3423 /  如需中文協助 510-577-3479

Official Zoning Map, Effective March 20, 2017

The City's official Zoning Map is available in PDF and can be downloaded here.

Reference Table of Permitted Uses, by Zoning District

A quick reference table of permitted uses by Zoning District is available for download here. For a complete list of permitted uses by zoning district, please refer to the Zoning Code.

Understanding San Leandro's New Development Regulations

To help applicants better understand the City's new development regulations, the Planning Division has prepared the following quick reference guides. Please refer to the Zoning Code for specific regulations pertaining to development standards in these zoning districts. For additional assistance, please visit a Planner at the City's Permit Center.

Downtown Area (DA) Development Regulations

Industrial Area Development Regulations

Residential Area Development Regulations

Commercial District Development Regulations