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PDF Maps
Here you will find a selection of maps in the PDF format for easy viewing. (You need Adobe Reader, which you can download for free.) Sizes vary from 8.5" X 11" printable maps to very large maps, which reveal considerable detail when zoomed in. Maps marked (GP) are from the General Plan.

Map Description
Addresses (36" X 36")Addresses Addresses with parcels and street names
Alquist-Priolo ZoneAlquist Priolo Zone established to prevent construction of buildings used for human occupancy on surface traces of active faults; studies may be required in this zone prior to construction 
Bicycle BrochureBike Brochure Bicycle trails, lanes and routes
City Council District Map (36"x36")Council 2013 (36x36) The six city council districts (in poster form)
City Council District Map (36"x36" black/white)Council 2013 (36x36 black and white) The six city council districts for black and white printing (in poster form)
City Council District Map (11"x17")Council 2013 (11x17) The six city council districts
City Owned Properties 2013 (36" X 50")City Properties 2013 Map with detailed listing of city owned parcels
Community Facilities (GP)Community Facilities Schools and school districts, libraries, and police and fire stations
Creeks, Drainage Ways and Watersheds (GP)Watersheds Watersheds, creeks, engineered channels and large storm drains
Earthquake Hazards (GP)Earthquake Hazards Probable groundshaking and liquefaction risk
Homeowners Neighborhood AssociationHomeowners Neighborhood Association Map Homeowners neighborhood association boundaries
Homeowners Neighborhood Association MapbooksHomeowners Neighborhood Association Mapbooks Homeowners Neighborhood Association Mapbooks
Land Use (GP)Land Use Policy and regulatory tool for guiding land use decisions showing Residential, Commercial and Industrial and Public/Open Space categories
Monarch Bay Golf Club (24" x 24")Monarch Bay Golf Club Monarch Bay Golf Club
Neighborhood VicinityNeighborhood Vicinity Map Generalized neighborhood boundaries
Park System (GP)Park System City and regional parks, golf courses, conservation areas and recreational facilities
Redevelopment AreasRedevelopment Area Designated areas where projects are undertaken to encourage economic growth
Roadway Plan (GP)Roadway Plan Road system classified by function and design criteria
Sanitary Sewer Districts (36" X 36")Sanitary Sewer Districts City of San Leandro and Oro Loma sanitary sewer district boundaries within the city
Street Map (36" X 36")Street Map Street map showing freeways, major streets, private streets, etc.
Street Map
(Folding 11" X 17")Folding Street Map
Folding street map with index
Street Map with
Council Districts
(Folding 11" X 17")Folding Street Map CD
Folding street map with Council Districts and index
Tree Trimming Schedule (36" X 36")Tree Trimming Schedule Tree trimming zones scheduled by year
Truck Routes and Railroads (GP)Truck Routes and Railroads Through and local truck routes, railroads, and BART stations and lines
Unincorporated Planning Area (GP)Unincorporated Planning Area San Leandro’s sphere of influence in nearby unincorporated areas
Voting Precincts
(36" X 36")Alameda County Precincts
UPDATED! 2014 Voting Precincts and City Council Districts (see also Alameda County Registrar of Voters)
Zip CodesZipcodes U.S. Postal Service ZIP Codes
Zoning (36" x 36")Zoning Parcel-specific land use designations with precise development standards corresponding to land use categories