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Minimum Wage Ordinance

Minimum Wage Ordinance

Information About San Leandro's Minimum Wage Ordinance

On September 6, 2016, the City Council adopted a local ordinance that accelerates implementation of the State of California's minimum wage requirements. The implementation schedule of those requirements is copied below:  

Minimum Wage* Effective Date  

$12/hour                        July 1, 2017                        

$13/hour                        July 1, 2018                        

$14/hour                       July 1, 2019                        

$15/hour                       July 1, 2020        

*applies to San Leandro businesses regardless of number of employees, unless exempted as outlined below.  Additional details also can be found within the adopted ordinance

2017 Official Minimum Wage Bulletin

Other Information 

Employee Exemptions

The above requirements shall not apply to the following employees:
1.  Employees up to 25 years of age who are employed by a non-profit or governmental entity for after-school or summer employment, or as a student intern, or as a volunteer, or as a trainee for a period not longer than 120 days.
2. Employees who are standing by or on-call according to the criteria established by the Fair Labor Standards Act, 29 U.S.C. Section 201. This exemption shall apply only during the time when the employee is actually standing by or on-call.

Waiver Through Collective Bargaining
To the extent required by federal law, all or any portion of the applicable requirements of this Chapter may be waived in a bona fide collective bargaining agreement, provided that such waiver is explicitly set forth in such agreement in clear and unambiguous terms.

Additional Resources 


September 6, 2016 Staff Report  

San Leandro Minimum Wage Ordinance

Fact Sheet on California's Statewide Minimum Wage Requirements

Text of California Senate Bill 3 (2016)  


For further assistance regarding this program, please contact the Finance Department at (510) 577-3376


To protect/maintain local services, including: 911 emergency response;  neighborhood police patrols/ anti-gang enforcement; library programs for children, adults/ families; after school programs for children/ teens including, homework assistance/ reading programs; school police officers/ crossing guards; repairing potholes/ maintaining residential streets; and other City services, shall the City of San Leandro extend Measure Z and set the sales tax at 1/2 cent for 30 years, with citizens oversight, annual audits, all funds for San Leandro, no funds for Sacramento?