FREE - Annual Murder in the Library Performance with "Death Goes Mod!"

Our new play takes place in Paris for Gerard Grouvé’s 1964 Spring Collection Fashion Show. The entire fashion world is sitting on pins and needles in eager anticipation for Grouvé’s unveiling of his “Mod Look” which is certain to start a revolutionary fashion fad. 

But there is just one tear in the fabric – Cora Cutt, owner and publisher of Couture Chatter, has been keeping a little black book of the models, the wealthy clients of the House of Grouvé, a famous fashion photographer, and even Grouvé himself, threatening to unzip their dark, little secrets in her next month’s issue, unless, of course, they meet her outrageous demands.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking Cora may not live to see another publication of Couture Chatter. If you want a good seat in front of the runway to see what happens, be sure to bribe the doorman to the House of Grouvé quite a few francs.  

The San Leandro Public Library is proud to partner with the San Leandro Players once again for a Murder in the Library event.  

For more information, please call the Main Library at (510) 577-3971.