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Climate Action Plan

Climate Action Plan

A Vision for a Sustainable San Leandro


The road to a clean energy future will not be achieved overnight, but rather through incremental steps that are feasible and pragmatic while still balancing the “triple bottom line”: economic stability, social equality, and environmental health.  This is why, in 2009,  the City of San Leandro developed Climate Action Plan: a Vision of a Sustainable San Leandro.

The City of San Leandro’s climate strategy is based on the Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) 5-Milestone process:

  1. Conduct an inventory of city-wide greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Set a reduction target/goal
  3. Establish a Climate Action Plan
  4. Implement a Climate Action Plan
  5. Monitor and evaluate progress

The City completed Milestone 1 in 2005, conducting an emissions inventory for both community-wide emissions and emissions from municipal operations.  In June 2006, the City completed Milestone 2 by adopting a resolution to reduce community wide emissions by 25 percent below 2005 levels by 2020. This document represents the third Milestone: the Climate Action Plan

The Climate Action Plan and GHG reduction measures and actions are structured around the four general categories of GHG emissions, as identified by the greenhouse gas inventory. They are as follows: 

  1. Energy use in buildings (Commercial/industrial, and residential)
  2. Transportation and land use
  3. Waste
  4. Municipal operations

The first three categories focus on programs and actions to influence the behavior of households and businesses in the community.  Municipal operations is included as a separate category which encompasses City facilities, fleet and waste operations, as the City has unique opportunities to directly control these emissions.  

To date, the City has already taken actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The City joined 1,000 other U.S. cities, signing the U.S. Mayor’s Climate Protection Commitment. The City has also joined the Alameda County Climate Protection Project sponsored by StopWaste. These and other actions the City has taken are described in detail this update to City Council in March 2013:  Climate Action Plan Update Presentation.