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San Leandro is one of a few cities in the Bay Area to own and operate a wastewater treatment facility.

The Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW), as part of the City's Water Pollution Control Section, includes an advanced biological wastewater treatment plant and over 120 miles of sewer pipelines and pumping stations serving the northern two thirds of the city. The Environmental Services Section is responsible for protecting this system, as well as the POTW workers and the environment, from discharges that may cause damage or create hazardous conditions.

Sewer Discharge Sampling

The Pretreatment Program

The City's Environmental Services Section manages an EPA-approved pretreatment program and implements federal, state and local regulations.

The Section:

  • regulates the discharge of industrial waste to the sanitary sewer through inspection, sampling and permitting;
  • participates in the Green Business Certification Program recognizing businesses for superior environmental practices; and
  • provides information and outreach to businesses and residents.

Required Permits

All "major contributing industries" must apply for a pretreatment permit. A major contributing industry is any facility that falls into one or more of the following classes:

Class A - Industrial users subject to Federal Pretreatment Standards.

Class B - Users not covered by Federal Pretreatment Standards but have the potential to discharge toxic pollutants.

Class C - Users discharging pollutants that are generally not toxic but could overload the treatment plant and cause it to violate operating limits.

Class D - Users with "special" discharges from projects not associated with routine industrial or commercial fixed processes.

Click here to obtain a pretreatment permit application (pdf) or here to obtain a pretreatment permit application (Word doc). "Special" discharges, such as those associated with groundwater remediation projects, require a separate permit. Click here to obtain a special discharge permit application (pdf) or here to obtain a special discharge permit application (Word doc).

Residential Plumbing Systems and Sewer Laterals

The City is responsible for maintaining the sewer system main within the public right-of-way. Property owners are responsible for plumbing systems, sewer laterals on private property and sewer laterals and its connection to the sewer main in the public right-of-way. Plumbing and laterals on both private property and within the public right-of-way must be maintained in proper working order to prevent discharge of sewage from overflows or leakage into buildings, onto the ground, or into the storm drain system.

For questions about plumbing problems within buildings, please call the Building and Safety Services Section at (510) 577-3405.

For questions about sewer lateral problems that may impact the storm drain system, please call the Environmental Services Section at (510) 577-3401.