Street Maintenance
Pothole Repair: (510) 577-3451    
Street Sweeping & Graffiti Removal: (510) 577-3448    
Street Signs, Street Lights & Traffic Signals:

(510) 577-3451    

Report Street Maintenance Issues: (510) 577-3400   

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Monday - Friday, 7:00 A.M. - 3:30 P.M.

The Street Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of City streets and parking lots. Crews conduct pothole repair, graffiti abatement, street sweeping, street light and traffic signal repair, street sign repair and replacement, pavement markings and a host of other activities to keep the City streets clean and functioning.

Street Maintenance Issues

Contact the Street Division to report the following:Grafitti Removal

  • Potholes and other minor street repair, guardrails, or reflective markers on City-maintained streets that need repair (excludes streets maintained by Caltrans: East 14th Street, Davis Street, and Doolittle, north of Davis Street);
  • Street traffic signs that need repair or replacement;
  • Street lights and traffic signals that need maintenance;
  • Pavement markings that need maintenance (i.e. STOP or YIELD legends, double yellow center line, bike lanes, etc.);
  • Tree planting and trimming;
  • Parking meters that are broken or knocked down;
  • Storm grates that are broken, loose or missing;
  • Streets that are flooded due to storms;
  • Storm water inlets or drainage ditches that are filled with debris;
  • Streets that need cleaning because of a spill; and
  • Graffiti found on public property or in areas visible from the public right-of-way.