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Sewer Information

Sewer Information

Sewer System

A property owner's sewer pipes are called service laterals and run from the connection at the home to the connection with the public sewer. 

Maintenance and repair of service laterals are the responsibility of the property owner.


The City is responsible for:           

  • Operating and maintaining local and regional sewer lines
  • Protecting City property & streets, the local storm drain system, sewage collection system and other public areas
  • Collecting, treating and disposing of wastewater

Sewage spills occur when the wastewater in underground pipes overflows through a manhole, cleanout, or broken pipe. Common causes of spills include:

  • Grease build-up
  • Tree roots
  • Broken/cracked pipes
  • Missing or broken cleanout caps
  • Undersized sewers
  • Groundwater/rainwater entering the sewer system

Sewer System Management Plan           

The City has developed a Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP) to properly manage, operate, and maintain all parts of the City's sanitary sewer collection system and to satisfy the requirements of the State Water Resources Control Board Order #2006-0003.  

Sewer System Management Plan - Volume I

Sewer System Management Plan - Volume II