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San Leandro Neighborhoods
San Leandro's footprint has grown and its neighborhoods have multiplied since it was first incorporated on March 21, 1872. Use the Navigation pane at the left to find current city news and events.  Please see the residents link to obtain information on activities and programs in San Leandro.  

Neighborhood Association Roster & Neighborhood Maps

The City maintains a Neighborhood Association Roster to help San Leandro residents find and contact a nearby neighborhood group and to disseminate information via association presidents and officers.
  • Neighborhood Association Roster - includes a listing of all neighborhood and homeowners associations
  • Request for Listing / Update Form - use this form to request changes to the neighborhood roster
  • Homeowners / Neighborhood Association Map - shows the boundaries of these associations
  • Tiled Homeowners / Neighborhood Association Maps - provides more in-depth maps
  • Neighborhood Vicinity Map - provides more generalized neighborhood boundaries

    Other Resources

  • City Council District Map
  • San Leandro Bike Routes Map
  • Downtown San Leandro Farmers' Market
  • Neighborhood Watch Program