Storm Information

During storms, the City ensures that main roadways are clear of downed trees and other debris and that storm drain inlets are functioning properly. Public Works crews respond to reports of tree damage and clogged storm drains, placing priority on blocked roadways, flooding above the curb line and other hazardous situations.

Public Works Maintenance Activities

The City of San Leandro Public Works Department has taken a number of steps to prepare the City's infrastructure ahead of the storm season:

  • Prior to winter rains, crews inspect problem flood areas and clear debris to minimize storm drain blockages. E 14th St Flooding
  • Crews systematically remove debris from the tops of storm drain inlets, and clean the inside of basins.  
  • Main arterials are swept weekly and residential streets are swept monthly.  Crews patrol heavy leaf areas and remove excess leaves and debris from streets. For more information about sweeping during heavy leaf periods, visit the Street Sweeping page.
  • Street trees are trimmed based on a maintenance schedule to improve tree structure and strength, and to reduce the potential risk of failure.
  • Crews are prepared for regular patrols and inspections of known hotspots during storm events to identify potential flooding early and focus the appropriate attention to prevent flooding problems.

The City of San Leandro Police Department and the Alameda County Fire Department are prepared to respond to any emergency situation that may arise during the storms.

Flood Control Channels are maintained by Alameda County Flood Control.  For information or to report problems in the flood control channels contact Alameda County Flood Control at (510) 670-5500 or online at

What Residents Can Do

Storm drains have limited capacity and flooding may occur in low lying areas and/or at high tide during an initial downpour based on the severity of the storm. Since Public Works crews may take several hours to respond to reports of flooding, clogged storm drains or downed tree limbs, you can assist by:Tree Limb Down

  • Checking drainage systems and removing debris as necessary.
  • Collecting and properly disposing of heavy leaf falls before storms occur.
  • Removing leaves and debris from storm drain inlets with a rake or shovel. Join Adopt A Drain to regularly check the drain closest to your house. The City is offering a limited supply of tools to adopters to keep inlets clear.
  • Using sandbags and plastic sheeting to protect flood-prone entrances to homes.
  • Driving slowly and carefully, particularly where water has accumulated on roadways.
  • Staying tuned to local radio and television news sources for the latest weather information. The City of San Leandro posts emergency information on the local radio channel AM 1610.

Tree crews will respond to downed trees and limbs based on the seriousness of the hazard. During a storm, priority is given to removing trees and limbs from streets and sidewalks.  Crews will also prioritize street tree and limb removal from homes, cars and power lines.
 Property owners are reminded that clean-up of privately owned trees and branches is the responsibility of the owner, whether the clean up is on owner's property or neighboring property, including City property. City trees that have fallen on private property are the responsibility of the City to clear.
 Property owners should contact private tree trimming/removal companies, their insurance company, and utilities directly if their private tree falls and causes damage to their property. Private trees should be properly trimmed and maintained in advance of storm season to prevent tree failure and serious damage to private property during storms.
 The City advises residents to be cautious when using City parks since park paths may not be clear of debris and there may be broken branches and unstable trees that could pose a danger to park users.


If you experience emergency flooding or if there is a hazard caused by a downed tree or limb, please use the following contact numbers:

  • During regular business hours (7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday - Friday), call (510) 577-3440 (Public Works Department)Storm Prep
  • After hours, and on weekends and holidays, call (510) 577-2740  (Police Dispatch)

Do not call 911 to report flooding unless rising water poses an immediate threat to life or safety.


Sand and Bags are available to San Leandro residents at the Public Works Service Center located at 14200 Chapman Rd.

  • Limit 10 bags per San Leandro household.
  • Bags are available during normal office hours.
  • Residents must show ID.
  • Bags must be filled by resident with sand outside the gate.
  • Residents with disabilities can obtain pre-filled sandbags at 14200 Chapman Rd. Please call 510-577-3440 before you arrive to reduce your wait time.