Living Wage Ordinance

The City of San Leandro adopted a Living Wage Ordinance that became effective September 1, 2007. The term "living wage" represents an hourly wage set at a level higher than the federal or state minimum wage. San Leandro's Living Wage Ordinance provides a minimum pay rate and benefit requirement for workers in organizations that do business with the City of San Leandro. The new rate and benefit requirements apply only to certain businesses that provide contract services directly for the City. Applicable businesses must comply with the provisions of the ordinance when they enter into a lease, contract or concessionaire or other agreement with the City of San Leandro or when an existing agreement is amended to benefit the business.

San Leandro's ordinance was adopted to bridge the sizeable wage-cost of living gap that exists in San Leandro and throughout the Bay Area and is in the mid-range of neighboring cities that have passed similar ordinances, including Hayward, Oakland, Berkeley and Emeryville. Links are provided for the text of the City's Living Wage Ordinance, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) and Guidelines and for a copy of the Self Verification Form that contractors must complete and return when entering into a contract with the City that is covered by the Living Wage Ordinance.