Families Read Together

Families Read Together is a family literacy program which gives free services to Project Literacy's enrolled adult learners raising children between the ages of 0 and 14. Learners and their families can share the joy of reading and learning together!


Families Read Together gives learners the materials, information, and support they need to succeed, including:

  • Free children's books each month
  • Information about reading and learning together as a family
  • Information about supporting their children's education
  • Literacy events such as storytimes and workshops


Families Read Together gives free books to children who are being raised by enrolled Project Literacy learners. These books are chosen to give readers a wide variety of characters, settings, and subjects. We give books to five different age levels from newborn babies to teenagers up to age 14. Each month a child gets at least one book.


Families Read Together gives learners many types of information. We write a monthly newsletter, plus we share information to help learners meet their goals and do different things: read aloud to your child, enjoy the books we give your family, help your child succeed in school, share early literacy skills, and more.


Families Read Together sometimes hosts special literacy events just for enrolled Project Literacy learners and their families. Sometimes our events are open to everyone who wants to learn about family literacy. Our learners are always welcome to come to regular library events, which are fun and free! You can see the general library events calendar here.


To identify new learners, Families Read Together works with local agencies serving families with caregivers who are at risk of low literacy. If you know an agency we could reach, please contact our Family Literacy Assistant.