Safe Medication & Sharps Disposal

Unused, unwanted or expired prescription or over the counter medications should never be flushed down the toilet or drain. Safe disposal of medications ensures that our local waterways and wildlife are protected.

Proper Packaging

Medications should be packaged correctly before dropping off at one of the sites. To properly package your medications:

  • Remove pills from the containers
  • Keep liquid medicines in their leak-proof containers
  • Remove ointment tubes from boxes
  • Remove all excess bags, cartons, and plastic wrap

Consolidate all loose pills, liquid medicine bottles and ointment tubes into a sealed Ziploc bag

Bagged Medicine (Liquid, Ointments & Pills)

OintmentsBagged Pills

For a list of medication drop off locations in Alameda County, visit StopWaste's website.


California law prohibits the disposal of sharps in garbage, recycling and organics containers. It is important to properly dispose of sharps because they can cause injury and spread disease.

Place sharps, syringes, needles, auto injectors and lancets into a sealed FDA approved sharps container. FDA approved containers are available at most drug stores.

For a list of sharps drop off locations in Alameda County, visit StopWaste's website.