Battery Recycling

Why should I recycle batteries?Multiple batteries

It is against the law to throw batteries in the trash. On February 8, 2006, the State of California banned household batteries and other hazardous products (like fluorescent lights) from disposal. Now, batteries must be recycled at an authorized recycling facility. Batteries contain heavy metals such as lead which can contaminate the environment when batteries are not properly recycled.

How to package used batteries

All batteries must be packaged in a manner that prevents short circuiting. Class I batteries may be commingled and packaged in a sealed plastic bag. Class II batteries should be packaged in a sealed plastic bag with the ends taped. Class III batteries should be packaged individually in a sealed plastic bag before dropping off.

Disclaimer: Each battery class should be packaged separately.

Battery Types

Where can I dispose my batteries? Recycling Cart - Batteries

San Leandro residents can also recycle batteries through their curbside collection program. Place batteries in a clear Ziploc bag on top of the recycling cart on your regularly scheduled collection day.

You can recycle alkaline batteries, button batteries, and rechargeable batteries marked PbNi-ZnNi-MHNi-Cd, and L-ion. Rechargeable batteries can be found in devices such as cell phones, cameras, laptop computers, and power tools.