San Leandro Redlined

The government developed Redlining maps for more than 200 urban areas across the country. In California, maps were created for San Francisco, Oakland-East Bay, Sacramento, Stockton, San Jose, Fresno, Los Angeles, and San Diego areas. 

This map below shows the San Leandro portion of the Oakland-East Bay Redlining map. The city of San Leandro was divided into seven neighborhoods. Each neighborhood was evaluated, graded and color-coded. Green for the “Best,” blue for “Still Desirable,” yellow for “Definitely Declining,” and red for “Hazardous.” The accompanying “area description” documents describe the demographic, socioeconomic, housing, locational, and physical characteristics of each neighborhood. The color ratings were based on these descriptions. 

Close up of redlining map of San Leandro from 1937Residential Security Map Legend (Mapping Inequality)

Close up of the San Leandro area of the 1937 Home Owner's Loan Corporation map. 
You can explore more on the Mapping Inequality interactive website

Area Descriptions for San Leandro
(Courtesy of Mapping Inequality)

SL Area Description - B-40 Opens in new windowSL Area Description - B-41
SL Area Description - B-42SL Area Description - C-31
SL Area Description - C-32SL Area Description - C-33
SL Area Description - D-19


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