Environmental Justice and Natural Hazards Element Update

Environmental Justice Element 

The City of San Leandro is preparing a new General Plan Environmental Justice (EJ) Element as mandated by Senate Bill 1000. The EJ Element is required to identify objectives and policies to reduce health risks in disadvantaged communities, promote civic engagement in the public decision-making process, and prioritize improvements and programs that address the needs of disadvantaged communities. The EJ Element will focus on reducing unique or compounded health risks in disadvantaged communities by addressing the following topics:

  • Pollution exposure and air quality
  • Public Facilities
  • Food Access
  • Safe and Sanitary Homes
  • Physical Activity
  • Civic / Community Engagement
  • Improvements and Programs that Address the Needs of Disadvantaged Communities

Upcoming Participation Opportunities:

Recent Participation Opportunities:

Online Community Workshop
Wednesday, September 14, 2022 from 6-7:30pm 

To view the EJ workshop presentation, click hereTo download the meeting recording, click here.EJ

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Safety Element Update

The City of San Leandro is also in the process of updating its General Plan Natural Hazards Element. The Natural Hazards Element sets forth goals and policies to reduce the community’s risk and its ability to prepare for hazards. The Update will consist of an evaluation of:

  • Potential hazards, such as geologic and seismic, flood, fire, hazardous materials, and climate change
  • Emergency planning and preparedness, including evacuation routes
  • Community services, such as fire protection, police services, and emergency medical response
  • Climate change adaptation and resilience
  • Feasible mitigation action for the identified hazards and safety topics

Please contact Project Manager Cynthia Lemaire at [email protected] or 510-577-3348 with questions or comments.