Tree Master Plan

tree benefits fact sheetWhat is the Trees Master Plan?

The City of San Leandro is developing a Trees Master Plan (“TMP” or “Plan”) with urban forestry consultants and community partners to improve community health, increase resilience of vulnerable populations, and distribute urban tree canopy equitably throughout San Leandro. The Plan will engage the community in creating a vision for trees so that they can benefit everyone who lives, works, and plays in San Leandro for generations to come. 

The urban forest provides a variety of benefits to the community, and it plays a key role in mitigating urban heat islands, reducing electricity bills, improving air quality, reducing stormwater runoff and flooding damage, improving overall emotional and psychological health, and improving physical health. 

The distribution of tree canopy and the associated benefits is not equitable in San Leandro, so it is a priority in this Plan to identify the inequities and create actionable and equitable strategies. Additionally, the City’s 2021 Climate Action Plan identified street trees as a vital resource for carbon sequestration, and so by creating a Trees Master Plan the City is also working towards its sustainability goals.

Tree Inventory 

A comprehensive inventory of public trees along streets and in parks is being completed by ISA Certified Arborists. This inventory began in July 2022 and will provide vital information about San Leandro’s public trees, such as their characteristics, structure, condition, and maintenance needs. Once completed, this tree inventory data will guide the City on managing, planting, and caring for trees in the Trees Master Plan. View the interactive map for updates below and learn about the public trees in your neighborhood and Citywide!

Ways to Get Involved 

Toyon Park tree planting June 2022

Toyon Park tree planting, June 2022