CalFire Tree Grant

City of San Leandro Receives $1.5M from CalFire to Plant Trees

The $1.49M grant will cover trees for planting, tree supplies, and hiring of part time staff to target planting in frontline neighborhoods experiencing socioeconomic challenges or environmental pollution. The City will be partnering with Common Vision, a Black-led non-profit specializing in school gardens, urban agriculture, and community building for the project management and tree planting. The goal is to plant 5000 trees across the community from 2022-2026, in parks, public medians, and private property.

Paired with this year’s development of the Tree Master Plan, this will kick off concrete steps to addressing climate adaptation, air pollution, urban shade, and urban heat islands, particularly in frontline communities that currently experience the brunt of environmental injustices. 

Bonaire Park tree planting Sept 2022 group photo

Bonaire Park tree planting, Sept 2022

To get people participating in planting and maintenance of those trees, and to model that behavior for young kids and get them to do it – that's my favorite picture of resilience. We all need each other. If we're working in the soil, planting trees, we're also hand to hand, and we get acquainted and familiar. We learn that we're not all so different from one another. And it's those kinds of understandings between people that will build resilient communities. 

- Wanda Stewart, executive director of Common Vision

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