Community Police Review Board (CPRB)

Community Police Review Board

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About the CPRB

The purpose of the board is to increase public trust, increase accountability, ensure that police operations reflect community values, and, in cooperation with the Independent Police Auditor, ensure prompt, impartial, and fair investigations of complaints brought by members of the public against San Leandro Police employees, including but not limited to complaints under California Penal code section 832.5.

Role of Board

1. Receive community feedback and complaints, and refer them for further review, as appropriate, to the IPA or the internal affairs function of the police department.

2. Receive reports from the Independent Police Auditor regarding personnel discipline and complaints, critical incidents, police department policies, and other law enforcement matters.

3. Evaluate police department policies of compelling community-wide concern based on trends and data

4. Make recommendations to the City Manager on the job requirements, application process, and evaluation criteria of candidates for the Chief of Police, when vacancies occur

5. Create and implement an annual work plan that consists of a community outreach plan to assure all members of the community have an opportunity to share concerns about policing.

For more information please visit the police website

San Leandro Police  Dept. Website

Overview of the Independent Police Auditor (IPA)

The Independent Police Auditor (“IPA”) is an independent contract position* reporting directly to the City Manager. It was created by an ordinance adopted by the City Council on April 3, 2022, where the City Council also created a 9-member Community Police Review Board (the “Board”).

Role of the IPA

1. Serve as the law enforcement subject matter to the board

2. Review San Leandro Police Department Investigations

3. Observe Critical Incidents

4. Audit the San Leandro Police Department

5. Provide evaluations of cases & publish public reports

6. Conduct Independent Investigations

7. Recommend improvements to Policy, Procedure, or Training

8. Produce Reports Regarding Reviews Conducted

*The IPA is currently staffed by Integrassure, Inc. 

For more information please visit San Leandro's IPA Site

IPA Website

CPRB Meeting Calendar

To see upcoming and future meetings, please visit the CPRB meeting calendar

San Leandro CPRB Meeting Calendar

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How to File a Complaint On Police Personnel

The Professional Standards Division (PSD) accepts and investigates complaints alleging misconduct by sworn members of the San Leandro Police Department.

File a complaint - directly with the Police Dept.

1. Fill out a Citizen Comment Form (PDF)

Mail To

San Leandro Police Department 

901 E 14th Street 

San Leandro, CA 94577 



2. Call the Professional Standards Unit / 510-577-3280

3. File a report in person at the police department

4. Call the Watch Commander / 510-577-240

*Complaints may take a day and up to months to complete depending on the complexity of it. Generally, an investigation is completed within 60 calendar days. Our goal as an agency is to conduct thorough yet timely investigations to bring resolution to the incident.

File a complaint - with the IPA

To file, a complaint about the Police Dept. or specific police personnel, visit the Independent Police Auditor’s website

IPA Website

File a complaint - directly with the Community Police Review Board

To file, a complaint about the Police Dept. through the board, please email them at 

CPRB Board

More Information

Police Chiefs Advisory Board

SLPD policies governing complaints

Annual Reports 

FY 22-23 Annual Report

CPRB Administrative Procedures

Admin Procedures

Related Ordinances

San Leandro Municipal Code

Adopted Ordinance Establishing the CPRB and IPA

Additional Information

What is NACOLE?

The National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement is a non-profit organization that works to enhance accountability and transparency in policing and build community trust through civilian oversight; the CPRB is an active member of NACOLE.

NACOLE Website

NACOLE Code of Ethics


Investigation & Prosecution Policy

Personnel Complaints Policy

Officer Involved Shooting & Deaths Policy

Performance Review Policy

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