City of San Leandro Billing

  • To pay your bill online, or sign up for automatic or recurring payments, use E-Bill Express.  By following this link, you will leave the City of San Leandro website.  Please have your account number, amount, and zip code available (please see example below).
  • Paperless billing is currently not available.
  • The ability to view your bills online is currently unavailable.

Mock Invoice Picture1

Online Payments is available to pay the following City-Billed invoices:

  • Building Code Citation charges
  • Encroachment Permit Charges
  • Community Compliance Citation charges
  • Sidewalk or Driveway repair charges
  • Alameda County Fire Department inspection fees
  • Rental of City-owned property
  • Sewer service charges
  • Environmental compliance charges including annual CUPA program license fees
  • City of San Leandro Retiree charges

*If the invoices are not listed here, please refer to your bill statement for payment options as these may be handled through a third-party agent.