Sea Level Rise Adaptation

Sea level rise and groundwater flooding are among the climate change impacts that City of San Leandro must prepare for. Sea level rise is expected to accelerate through the 21st century, with compounding by glacial melt, king tides, and storm surges. Exact parameters of flooding will depend on the level of greenhouse gas emissions, but with each foot of predicted sea level rise, more of the shoreline and surrounding landmarks will be permanently inundated by flooding. The combined impact with groundwater flooding will be important to plan for. 

Shoreline Sea Level Rise Adaptation Master Plan

City of San Leandro is currently working with a consultant team from Terraphase to determine the assets and locations impacted by future flooding and the recommended strategies for addressing it. This will be documented in the development of the Shoreline Sea Level Rise Adaptation Master Plan, which kicked off the summer of 2023. This work is funded by the California Resilience Challenge grant. Check back on this page for public engagement opportunities and resources.

Below is a map of future conditions of sea level rise and shallow groundwater flooding from the San Francisco Environment Institute (SFEI). The state recommended scenarios adhere to the "medium-high" risk levels, which correspond to 24" of sea level rise by 2050 and 66" of sea level rise by 2100.