Recreation and Parks Master Plan

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The City of San Leandro is proud to announce the launch of its Recreation and Parks Master Plan, Better Together Outside. The City’s newly formed Recreation and Parks Department will lead the Recreation and Parks Master Plan, in collaboration with San Leandro Unified School District and San Lorenzo Unified School District. 

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San Leandro is known for its beautiful natural surroundings and the rich recreational opportunities it offers through its 23 neighborhood parks, community parks, and shared-use recreational amenities. These cherished spaces serve as the City's backbone, fostering a sense of belonging and providing endless opportunities for residents and visitors to connect with nature and each other. The Recreation and Parks Master Plan will establish a clear vision for the City’s extensive park system and other school-owned community assets to ensure that they meet the needs of both current and future generations of San Leandro’s diverse community.

As the City is poised of growth with an estimated 13,000 to 15,000 new residents by 2035. It is committed to addressing evolving recreation needs of the growing population, and challenges such as climate change. The Recreation and Parks Master Plan is critical to San Leandro's strategy to meet these challenges head-on. This plan will build upon the City's General Plan and the core values that guide it. It will provide a roadmap for balancing open space access and natural conservation, investing in improving existing parks, offering diverse recreational opportunities to the growing population, exploring creative ways for expanding park acreage through join-use agreements and public-private partnership, and creating memorable community spaces.

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The Recreation and Parks Master Plan is an important project for the City, as it exemplifies San Leandro's unwavering commitment to preserving and enhancing residents' quality of life, understanding the critical role that parks and recreational facilities play in fostering a strong and connected community. This plan will be instrumental in ensuring that San Leandro remains a vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive city for all.

The Master Plan project is expected to take around 15 months, including four main stages: inventory and analysis, which will include mapping of the existing system, the launch of a scientifically-valid survey to a random selection of San Leandro households, and focus group meetings with local stakeholders; parks gap analysis and needs assessment, which will involve on-site assessment of conditions at each of the park and school facilities that make up San Leandro’s park system, as well as analysis of outstanding maintenance and service needs; the Washington Manor Park plan, which will specifically address needs at Washington Manor Park and will culminate in a concept plan for redesign of the park, as needed; and putting together the final Parks Master Plan. Throughout the process, there will be ongoing check-ins with an Advisory Committee, made up of City and school district staff working together to shape the process and provide feedback on key milestones, and public workshops, pop-up events, and public hearings, providing many opportunities for community members to participate in the planning process.

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If you have any comments or questions about the Recreation and Parks Master Plan process, or suggestions for priorities, focus areas, or recommendations for the Master Plan, please fill in the form below

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