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Community engagement opportunities will be posted here as they are scheduled.
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We want to hear from you!

Community input is critical to the success of the Recreation and Parks Master Plan. We want to hear from you to understand what’s working and not working in San Leandro’s parks today; how the system should adapt and change over the next 15-20 years; and your ideas for how the Master Plan can set priorities for managing precious City resources.

There will be many opportunities throughout this process for us to hear from you, including at three public workshops, pop-up events throughout the community, and three online surveys, available at different phases of the project. Opportunities to get involved with the project will be posted here as they are scheduled and will also be sent out on our email list and through our social media channels.

Please sign up below to receive project updates via email and follow us on social media! You can also send us comments via email at any time to Project Manager Ely Hwang at [email protected].

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