Storm Water Fee

Over the past 30 years, the City of San Leandro's Storm Water Fee has never increased and its purchasing power has decreased by greater than half. Over that same period, clean water regulations have increased with more mandates requiring additional investment. Additionally, repair and maintenance of the system is necessary to address recurring flooding and capacity issues and to plan for future climate adaptation. 

This project proposes to replace the current Storm Water Fee charged to property owners with a Clean Water and Flood Mitigation Fee to provide dedicated and reliable funding for operating and capital improvement costs. This funding cannot be taken away by the State or County and would be solely dedicated to flood prevention and water quality projects. This fee is designed to be fair and reasonable based on the actual cost of providing the service, and complies with the provisions of Proposition 218, the Right to Vote on Taxes Act.

The City is proposing the Clean Water and Flood Mitigation Fee because additional dedicated funding is needed to:

  • Remove trash and pollutants from rain runoff using sustainable methods; and                                  San Leandro Priority Infrastructure
  • Repair and maintain critical pipes and pump stations; and 
  • Invest in the highest-priority storm drainage infrastructure projects for the City’s aging system.

Public Meetings and Documents