Working for San Leandro: Where cultures inspire and diverse thoughts collaborate

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San Leandro Community, Stakeholders, and Potential City Employees: 

Working for San Leandro isn't just about a job; it's about living out the vibrant tapestry of "Where cultures inspire and diverse thoughts collaborate." City employees become a thread in this rich fabric daily, contributing your unique perspective and experiences. They work alongside colleagues from a kaleidoscope of backgrounds, each voice valued and respected. Collaboration isn't just encouraged, it's the lifeblood of our innovation. We don't shy away from diverse viewpoints; we see them as the fuel that sparks creative solutions and drives progress. Equity isn't just a word posted on a highway billboard; it's woven into the fabric of our policies and practices, ensuring everyone can thrive. Here, inclusion isn't an afterthought; it's celebrated as the foundation of a strong and dynamic community. City leadership strives beyond a paycheck and implements the power of true diversity, equity, and inclusion in action. Over the next few months, each City's Executive Team member will be highlighted in a video profile featuring their diverse thoughts, education, and background. We're not just building a city but a world of culture and belonging. Join in the journey. 

Fran Robustelli, City Manager 

City of San Leandro, CA

  1. Fran Robustelli - LK Photography

    Fran Robustelli

    City Manager

  2. Janelle Cameron Headshot Portrait

    Janelle Cameron

    Assistant City Manager

  3. Emily Hung

    Emily Hung

    Human Resources Director