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San Leandro Police Department Proud to Serve

On behalf of the San Leandro Police Department, welcome to our web page! We are delighted that you have taken the time to learn more about our police department and our extraordinary employees. Please, familiarize yourself with the array of services we provide, our mission, and our personnel. You will find helpful information about community safety, crime prevention, crime statistics, community engagement, etc.

We embrace the tenets of procedural justice: voice, neutrality, respect, and trustworthiness. We serve with integrity, fairness, compassion, and respect. We must partner with our community to resolve concerns collaboratively. We achieve this through trust-the foundation of any successful relationship. To that end, we nurture environments for rich conversations and meaningful exchanges of ideas. We value every trust-building opportunity to know our community more deeply and appreciate our shared humanity-regardless of ethnicity, religion, social standing, or occupation. Please, stop by our next event and connect with us.

We are enthusiastic about the future of the San Leandro Police Department and the City of San Leandro. Working together, we can achieve the inconceivable. We are eager to partner with you to make the San Leandro Police Department a shining example of what contemporary community policing must be!

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For compliments, comments, or complaints, please contact the Professional Standards Division via email or call 510-577-3280. 

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