Public Records Online

Access to Records

The public's right to access information related to the conduct of business in San Leandro is a fundamental right. Records shall not be held from disclosure unless it is exempt under applicable laws, or unless the public interest served by not making the record available outweighs the public interest served by disclosing the record.

This page serves to assist members of the public access San Leandro Public Records under the California Public Records Act.

Requesting Records

The City of San Leandro maintains a large number of records that are accessible by the public, some in hard copy and some in electronic format. Records can be requested in writing, via fax, via USPS, or verbally. While a written request for records is not mandatory, we suggest you submit your request in writing to avoid confusion and ensure accuracy of what records you are requesting. Please use our Public Records Request Portal to submit your request.

Reproduction fees will apply for document responses provided in paper form. The cost is $2 for the first ten pages and $.10 for each additional page.

Certain electronic City of San Leandro records are now available online through the City's website using Laserfiche WebLink, a web interface that provides access to the City's growing electronic records database.

Types of Records Available

City Council/Agency records currently available in the records database:

Records Retention Schedule

Video / Audio Recordings

City Council regular meetings and work sessions are webcast live and archived on our webpage. You may view the entire meeting or only particular segments related to a topic of interest.


Most documents in the electronic records database are scanned and indexed using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The quality of the scanned pages and font size and style may affect the accuracy of this process and hence the text search results. Handwritten words are not recognized.