Measure HH Citizens' Oversight Committee

Measure HH was approved by San Leandro voters on November 4, 2014 and enacts a 0.5% Transactions and Use Tax. The resulting Transactions and Use Tax Ordinance calls for the formation of an oversight committee comprised of five members to review and report on the revenue and expenditures of funds from the tax.

The City Council adopted Resolution Number 2015-122 (PDF), which establishes the composition of the Measure HH Citizens Oversight Committee and defines the scope of its responsibility.

Committee Members

  • David Grodin (Chamber of Commerce Representative)
  • Geraldine Mellen (Homeowner Association Representative)
  • Esther Collier (Board or Commission Representative)
  • Sarah Galvin (Business Association Member)
  • Patrick Grajeda (City Bargaining Unit Member, San Leandro Resident)

Scope of Responsibilities

  • Members of the committee are charged with developing an annual report on the following:
  • Amounts of transactions and use tax revenue generated by Measure HH
  • Use of the tax revenue and the impact on the City's operating budget including a statement on the impact of the revenue in reducing the amount of cuts resulting from addressing the budget shortfall
  • Statement of expenditures funded by Measure HH revenues
  • Impacts of Measure HH on local business competitiveness and the collection of Sales Tax revenues
  • Measure HH public information and transparency efforts
  • Participation in developing a revenue sustainability plan and strategy

For additional information, contact Tamika Greenwood, City Clerk or David Baum, Finance Director at [email protected] or at 510-577-3330.