Sidewalk Repair Program

Property owners are required by the San Leandro Municipal Code and by the State of California Streets and Highways Code to maintain the sidewalks along their property frontage. The City's sidewalk maintenance requirements are defined in Title 8 of the San Leandro Administrative Code*.

If a sidewalk is in need of repair, property owners have these available options:

  • Repair the sidewalk themselves by hiring a properly-licensed contractor, and by obtaining the necessary City Encroachment Permit
  • Join the City's Annual Sidewalk Repair Program, and reimburse the applicable program costs once the work is complete
  • Request minor repairs such as grinding and/or patching by the City's Public Works Department at no cost to the property owner, with the understanding that this is often a temporary measure that will require future action

If a City street tree is the cause of the damage, and the property owner joins the Sidewalk Repair Program, then the repair cost is divided evenly between property owner and City.

To report a hazardous location or to have a City inspector provide a cost estimate on necessary repairs, call 510-577-3305 or use My SL, the City's mobile municipal service request app.

Sidewalk Repair Program

For more information about the program, see our Sidewalk Repair Program brochure (PDF) or download our Encroachment Permit application.

This program is supported by funding from Measure B and Measure BB, a half-cent transportation sales tax approved by Alameda County voters in 2000 and 2014 respectively, and administered by the Alameda County Transportation Commission.

Relevant Code

San Leandro Municipal Code Section 5-1-415 and 5-1-420. San Leandro Administrative Code Sections 8.1.110 through 8-1-125. State of California Streets and Highways Code Section 5600 through 5630.

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