The Transportation division provides a variety of services to San Leandro residents and businesses to assist them in their transportation and traffic-related needs. They include:

  • Crosswalks
  • Downtown Parking Management Plan - The goal of the plan is to improve parking utilization by understanding how different parking policies could impact user groups in downtown San Leandro.  View the Downtown Parking Management Plan. A revised plan is coming soon.
  • Driveway Tipping - For a one-time fee of $65, the City may paint up to 5 feet of red curb on either side of your driveway to improve access. For an application, please call 510-577-3482.
  • Handicap Ramps - The City has a program to install handicap ramps at intersections. If you know of a corner that needs a ramp, please call 510-577-3482.
  • Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program
  • Parking Restrictions - The City is responsible for evaluating the need to install or remove parking restrictions, such as time-limited parking (2-hour, 1-hour, 24-minute, etc.), no parking areas, passenger loading zones, etc. For more information, please call 510-577-3482.
  • Residential Parking Permit Program - The Residential Parking Permit Program is currently under review. A new link will be posted when the review process has been completed.
  • Traffic Counts - Over the years the City has collected a tremendous amount of traffic count data. If you would like to know the traffic volume on a particular street, please call 510-577-3482.
  • Traffic Signing and Signals - The Transportation Division handles all signing related to traffic; such as stop signs, speed limit signs, warning signs, and signals for traffic control. If you have any questions about the installation of a traffic sign, please call 510-577-3482. If you notice a burned-out signal light, a turned signal head, or some other type of signal-related malfunction or damage, or if you notice broken, damaged or missing signs, or for maintenance-related questions or concerns please call 510-577-3440.
  • Truck Route Map (PDF) 
  • You may also email your traffic related questions to [email protected].