Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for safeguarding the City's financial assets and for administering the financial activities of the City and its corporate bodies, including the Economic Development Agency, Public Financing Authority, and Parking Authority. The Department's primary objective is to uphold the highest accounting and ethical standards, ensuring that the City's financial activities are conducted in accordance with recommended industry practices and standards. The department is organized into three divisions: Administration, Budget and Compliance, and Accounting Operations. These divisions provide quality customer service and provide accurate, timely and complete financial information.

The Administration Division is responsible for the oversight of the City's financial activities and provides direction and support to the Department. This division monitors the department's internal control processes and periodically conducts internal audits to ensure the safeguarding of the City's assets. This division also manages the City's investment portfolio, debt issuances/obligations, and conducts the City Treasurer function.

The Accounting Operations Division maintains the City's general ledger, prepares internal and external financial reports, and all audited financial statements - including managing the City's banking relationships and bank reconciliation. This division also oversees accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll. The division assists in the biennial budget process and facilitates the annual audit function.

The Budget and Compliance Division includes five primary functions: budget, revenue management/treasury, procurement, compliance, and risk management. This division has lead responsibility for development of the City's biennial budget and conducting multi-year fiscal analyses, issuing all procurement opportunities, and managing the City's Risk Management program. Division efforts are focused to ensure compliance with the San Leandro Municipal and Administrative codes.

As part of the risk management function, the division serves as fund manager for the City's Self Insurance fund, which covers five major areas of responsibility to protect the City's risk exposure: Workers' Compensation/Safety, Unemployment Insurance, General Liability, Insurance coverage and Claims Adjudication/Subrogation. (Human Resources Division manages the Workers' Compensation/Safety and Unemployment Insurance functions.)