Rent Review Program

The City of San Leandro's Rent Review Program began in May 2001.

The Rent Review Program offers mediation/arbitration of rent disputes between tenants and landlords. Mediation/arbitration is provided by the Rent Review Board, a five-member volunteer community board appointed by the Mayor.

Contact Tanya Corona from ECHO Housing at 510-581-9380 or email Tanya to determine if you have an eligible rent review case.  


Eligibility for a Rent Review Hearing are: 

  • A rent increase of more than 7% or  at least 2 rent increases in a 12-month period for a rental unit in a parcel with at least 2 rental units.
  •  A mobile home unit rental may be eligible for a hearing, but an owner-occupied mobile home unit that rents or lease the space or pad below it is ineligible for a hearing.

Single-Family/Condominium/Townhome rental units are not eligible for rent review.


Hearings are conducted by a Rent Review Board, whose members are appointed by the City Council and includes 2 renters, 2 landlords, and 1 additional neutral party (homeowner). The program is based on the use of mediation and non-binding arbitration to work jointly with tenants and landlords to respond to complaints brought before the board, and provides a neutral setting for discussing rent increase disputes.

Rent Review Evaluation Report

Look through the Rent Review Evaluation Report.

Program Documents