Planning Fees

  1. Planning Permit Fees
  2. Development Impact Fees

Planning Permit fees are used to cover the cost of the time staff spend reviewing a development proposal. Fees in the Planning Services Division are based on either a Fixed Fee or based on Direct Costs

Direct Cost Applications

For applications with a Direct Cost, applicants must provide an initial deposit. Any time spent processing a Direct Cost application is deducted from the initial deposit, based on the assigned city planner's hourly rate plus overhead. Additional funds are required when a deposit balance falls below 20%.

Technology Fee

The technology fee reimburses the City for technology costs related to permit processing, tracking, and filing. The technology fee is 6% of the total permit fee and is not refundable. The fee is applied to all permit fees except Zoning Verification Letters, Zoning Business License fees, and Plan Check for Building Permit fees. For Direct Cost applications, the 6% tech fee is added upon project completion. 

Making Payments

The Permit Center accepts payments by check, Visa, Discover, and Mastercard. A 2.5% processing fee will be applied to each credit card transaction.

Planning Permit Fees Fiscal Year 2022 to 2023   (Fees increased 4.2% on August 5, 2022)

Download the Planning Fee Schedule (Fiscal Year 2022-2023) (PDF)

  • “Submittal fee” includes the planning permit fee for Fixed Fee applications and the tech fee.
  • “Initial deposit” is the deposit that must be paid with the submittal for Direct Cost applications. The tech fee will be assessed at project closure.
  • If 2 or more Direct Cost applications are submitted, then the Initial Deposit is reduced by 20%. Tech Fee is not discounted.


By Non-Applicant to Board of Zoning Adjustments (BZA)$ 603.14submittal fee
By Non-Applicant to City Council$ 603.14 plus City Clerk filing fee
By Applicant to BZA$ 5,000.00initial deposit
By Applicant to City Council$ 5,000.00 plus City Clerk filing fee

Administrative Review, Administrative Exceptions, Variance

AE/AR for Residential$ 2,316.10submittal fee
AE/AR for Residential with Hearing$ 4,635.38submittal fee
AE/AR for Non-Residential$ 3,477.86submittal fee
AE/AR for Non-Residential with Hearing$ 6,953.60submittal fee
AR for Outdoor Facilities Permits$ 1,158.58submittal fee
AR for Mobile Food Vending$ 254.40submittal fee
AR for Wireless Telecommunication Facility$ 7,726.34submittal fee
Variance$ 6,000.00initial deposit

Fence Modifications

Single-Family and Duplex$ 1,158.58submittal fee
Multi-Family$ 1,739.46submittal fee
Non-Residential$ 1,739.46submittal fee
View Preservation (RS-VP District)$ 3,475.74submittal fee


Sign Program$ 5,000.00initial deposit
Standard Sign Permit$ 578.76submittal fee
Temporary Sign Permit$ 274.54submittal fee

Temporary Use Permit

Holiday, Parking Lot Sale, Car Wash, Fundraiser$ 283.02submittal fee
All Others$ 1,158.58submittal fee

Site Plan Review

Administrative SPR (RD & RM Districts)$ 5,000.00initial deposit
Administrative SPR (Non-Res Districts)$ 5,000.00initial deposit
Minor SPR (RO, RS, RS-40, RS-VP Dist's)$ 2,896.98submittal fee
Major SPR (RO, RS, and RS-40 Districts)$ 5,000.00initial deposit
Major SPR (RS-VP District)$ 4,635.38submittal fee
Major SPR (Parking Reduction)$ 5,000.00initial deposit
Certificate of Compatibility$ 2,896.98submittal fee
Non-Residential Façade Change$ 772.74submittal fee

Conditional Use Permit (CUP)

CUP - Residential$ 6,000.00initial deposit
CUP - Non-Residential$ 10,000.00initial deposit

Senate Bill Housing Projects

SB 330 Housing Project$ 6,176.62submittal fee
SB 35 Housing Project$ 6,176.62submittal fee

Non-Residential Pre-Applications

First Pre-Application MeetingFree
Each Additional Meeting$ 580.88submittal fee
BZA / Planning Commission Work Session$ 580.88submittal fee

Subdivisions / Condominiums / Annexations

Tentative Map$ 15,000.00initial deposit
Amendment / Extension / Revision / Waiver$ 15,000.00initial deposit
Residential Condo Conversion$ 15,000.00 + 5,617 per dwelling unit (initial deposit)
Non-Residential Condo Conversion$ 15,000.00initial deposit
Annexation$ 15,000.00initial deposit

Zone Changes / General Plan Amendment / Specific Plan

Zone Change / Code Amendment$ 15,000.00initial deposit
General Plan Amendment$ 15,000.00initial deposit
Specific Plan / Amendment$ 15,000.00initial deposit

Planned Development / Development Agreement

Planned Development$ 15,000.00initial deposit
Development Agreement$ 15,000.00initial deposit

Environmental Review

Exemption without Initial Study (Categorical)$ 772.74submittal fee
Initial Study / Environmental Impact Report (EIR)Initial deposit is based on scope of work

Other Planning Fees

Historical Landmark Designation$ 2,316.10submittal fee
Public Convenience & Necessity Determination (PCN)$ 2,112.58submittal fee
Zoning Verification Letter$ 203.52submittal fee

Zoning Conformance for Business Licenses

Zoning for New Business License$ 133.56fee
Zoning for Home Occupation$ 133.56fee
Business Change of Ownership$ 40.28fee

Plan Check for Building Permits

SFR: New Construction / Alterations / Additions$ 274.00fee
Multi-Family Res: New Construction$ 684.00fee
Multi-Family Res: Alterations/Additions$ 274.00fee
Non-Res: New Construction$ 684.00fee
Non-Res: Alterations / Additions$ 274.00fee
Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)$ 179.00per hour
Community Planning Fee (applies to all building permits)0.3% of total valuation of construction