CEQA Documents & Project Studies

Below are CEQA Documents and project studies related to current and archived project proposals, listed by date and project name or address. At the bottom of the list are also other planning studies, including city wide planning studies.  

What is CEQA? 

CEQA is the acronym for the California Environmental Quality Act. CEQA requires public agencies to “look before they leap” and consider the environmental consequences of their discretionary actions. CEQA is intended to inform government decisionmakers and the public about the potential environmental effects of proposed activities and to prevent significant, avoidable environmental damage. Visit the California Office of Planning and Research website for more information on the CEQA process. 

Looking for specific area plans or the general plan? 

Visit the Long-Range Plans page or the General Plan page.


Housing Element and General Plan Update - CEQA Documents (Program EIR)


1388 Bancroft Avenue - Studies, Related Documents, and CEQA Documents (MND)

1919 Williams St - CEQA Documents (EIR)

  • Notice of Preparation (NOP) 1919 Williams Street EIR, SCH Number: 2021080547 PLN20-0044

Climate Action Plan - CEQA Documents (MND)

  • 2021 Climate Action Plan Addendum Number 1 to the General Plan EIR


Shoreline Development - CEQA Documents (EIR)


1188 E 14th Street - Studies, Related Documents, and CEQA Documents (Infill Checklist)

  • 1188 E 14th Street Parking Study November 9, 2020
  • 1188 E 14th Street - Callan and E 14th Street Mixed-Use TOD Infill Checklist (PDF 9MB), Notice Of Determination

915 Antonio 844 Alvarado Maximus - Studies, Related Documents, and CEQA Documents (Infill Checklist)

903 Manor Blvd - CEQA Documents (MND)

311 MacArthur Blvd - CEQA Documents (Infill Checklist) 

2075 Williams Street - CEQA Documents (MND) 


Bay Fair TOD - CEQA Documents (EIR)


2756 Alvarado Ave - CEQA Documents (MND)

610 Aladdin Ave - CEQA Documents (MND)

100 Halcyon Dr - CEQA Documents (MND)


Downtown San Leandro Technology Campus (SLTC) CEQA Documents


General Plan - CEQA Documents (EIR)

  • 2016 General Plan Environmental Impact Report


Kaiser Permanente San Leandro Campus Hospital - CEQA Documents (EIR)


Bay Fair BART


Downtown TOD Strategy Plan - Studies and CEQA Documents (EIR)


2500 Davis St - CEQA Documents (MND)

City Wide Planning Studies

Other Planning Studies