Records Unit

The Records Unit is a vital part of the Police Department as it is the first point of contact for many San Leandro residents and visitors. Those who walk through our doors are greeted by the agency's professional Records team. The Division is staffed by four full-time Records Clerks and is under the Supervision of a civilian Supervisor. Victims of crime, or those needing assistance (after being involved in a police incident, accident, or having their vehicle towed), receive aid, either on the telephone or at the front counter.

The Records Unit reviews all paperwork and reports filed by Officers and Police Service Technicians for completeness and accuracy. They process arrest reports within a strict timeframe and prepare all documentation for the Alameda County District Attorney's office preparation for pre-trial review and charging. Clerks complete the monthly crime statistics (UCR) for the Department of Justice and the City's website capturing the department's Part 1 crimes of Murder, Rape, Robbery, Assault, Larceny, Motor Vehicle Theft, and Arson.

Report Management

The Records Unit regularly manages over 14,000 crime and accident reports and 61,000 Incident reports each year. In addition, they also handle criminal and civil subpoenas, warrants, provide assistance to outside police agencies, process requests from the District Attorney, and perform monthly audits. Several local, State, and Federal criminal computer systems rely on the accuracy and completeness of the Records Division's work and timely data entry processes.

In 2020, Records staff fingerprinted 132 individuals, which included 110 City of San Leandro employees. They also received four requests from the court to seal criminal records.

Records Activity Type

Record TypeActivity
Counter Contacts3,587
Translation Provided306
Reports Released322
Accidents Released143
Incidents Released126
Vehicle Release645
Repossessions Released64
Traffic Related Contacts185