Correctable Citations / Fix-It Tickets

The courtesy notice the court may send you will state whether you can pay for the violation or if you have to show proof of correction.

If you show proof of correction and pay a dismissal fee, the court will dismiss the relevant charge.

Upon correction of the violation, have a law enforcement officer or an authorized inspection/installation station agent complete proof/certificate of correction.

Registration and driver license violations may also be certified as corrected at an office of the DVM or by any clerk or deputy clerk of a court. The violation will be dismissed by the court after Proof of Correction and by payment of a transaction fee are presented to the court by mail or in person by the appearance date.

Dismissal of Violation Citation

Violations of Vehicle Code section 16028(a) vc (automobile liability insurance) will be dismissed only upon:

  1. Your showing or mailing to the court evidence of financial responsibility valid at the time this notice to appear was issued, and 
  2. Your payment of a transaction fee.

Send your proof/certificate of correction to the designated location displayed on your ticket along with the correctable fee.

Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule for correctable citations:

TypeFeePayable to:Mail to:

San Leandro PD Parking Citations


"City of San Leandro"

City of San Leandro
Citation Processing Center
P.O. BOX 10479
Newport Beach, CA 92658-0479

San Leandro PD Correctable Citations "Notice to Appear"


"Clerk of the Court"

Wiley W Manuel Courthouse
661 Washington Street
Oakland, CA 94607

If you would like more information on correctable citations/“fix-it” tickets visit the California Courts website.