Red Light Photo Enforcement Program

Red Light Camera - Video Citation

We currently have two officers assigned to this program.

Video and photos are available for you to view up to 60 days from the date of violation at the Photo Notice website. Use: SANLDO as the City Code and follow the instructions.

If it is 60 days past your violation and you are unable to access your information on the website and need to make an appointment to view the video please call 510-577-3270. Leave your name, citation number and telephone number and an Officer will return your call.

For additional information, call 510-577-3270

Camera Installation Status

Installation of the red light photo enforcement camera systems has been completed at all five intersections, with the final two being completed in May 2006. Signage about the City's red light photo enforcement program has been posted at all major entrances to San Leandro and at each of the intersections where camera systems are installed.

Red light running causes about 260,000 crashes each year nationwide, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and numbers are on the rise. A recent survey also found 56% of Americans admitted to running red lights. San Leandro expects that its program will help improve traffic safety and police officer safety, while freeing officers for other important enforcement work.

For more details on the program:

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  • San Leandro's Red Light Photo Enforcement Agreement
  • April 18, 2011 Staff Report Presented to City Council on Redflex Contract Renewal
  • Guidelines for Screening Violations
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  • Yellow Light Certification

Redflex Presentation to City Council - April 4, 2011

A red light photo enforcement program was adopted by the San Leandro City Council in fall 2005 to reduce red light running and cut down on auto-related accidents and fatalities. As part of the program, camera systems have been installed at specific approaches of five different high-risk intersections in San Leandro. The intersections are:

  • Fairmont Drive and E 14th Street
  • Floresta/Halcyon and Washington Avenue (2 approaches)
  • Davis Street and E 14th Street
  • Marina Boulevard and Teagarden Street

Each approach includes a system of two cameras - a main camera that photographs the car and rear license plate and a camera that captures images of the driver's face. Cameras also capture 12 seconds of video showing the vehicle in the intersection surrounding the time of the violation. The photos and video are reviewed by a police officer before a citation is issued. Citations run $351 and violators will receive four full-color digital images imprinted with the date, time, location, lane of travel, vehicle speed and posted speed of each violation.