Truck Routes & Transportation Permits

Section 35701 VC of the California Vehicle Code allows local authorities to prohibit the use of a street by any commercial vehicle except for public utility vehicles or any commercial vehicle on a direct route from an unrestricted street for the purpose of making pickups or deliveries.

Truck Routes

View the Truck Route Map (PDF). The City of San Leandro Engineering and Transportation Department established the following truck routes:

  • 136th Avenue (Between Bancroft Avenue and East 14th Street)
  • 143rd Avenue (Between East 14th Street and Washington Avenue)
  • Aladdin Avenue (Between Alvarado Street and Teagarden Street)
  • Alvarado Street (Between Marina Boulevard and Fremont Avenue)
  • Bancroft Avenue (Between 136th Avenue and City Limit at Durant Avenue)
  • Beatrice Street (Between Washington Avenue and Kesterson Street)
  • Catalina Street (Between Farallon Drive and Fairway Drive)
  • Davis Street
  • Doolittle Drive (Between Farallon Drive and City Limit at Airport Drive)
  • Dutton Avenue
  • East 14th Street
  • Fairmont Drive
  • Fairway Drive (Between Doolittle Drive and Miller Street)
  • Farallon Drive
  • Floresta Boulevard (Between Washington Avenue and Fremont Avenue)
  • Fremont Avenue
  • Halcyon Drive
  • Hays Street (Between Williams Street and Davis Street)
  • Hesperian Boulevard
  • Kesterson Street
  • Lewelling Boulevard (Between Wicks Boulevard and City Limit at Embers Street)
  • MacArthur Boulevard
  • Manor Boulevard (Between Kesterson Street and Farnsworth Street)
  • Marina Boulevard (Between Washington Avenue and Doolittle Drive)
  • Merced Street
  • San Leandro Boulevard
  • Teagarden Street
  • Washington Avenue (Between Williams Street and City Limit at Via Enrico Avenue)
  • Wicks Boulevard (Between Merced Street and Lewelling Boulevard)
  • Williams Street (Except: Between San Leandro Boulevard and I-880)

If you have any questions, please contact the Commercial Enforcement Division via email or at 510-577-3271.

Transportation Permits

The City of San Leandro provides transportation permits for qualified loads and vehicles to operate safely on the roadways in the City of San Leandro.

In March 2015, the San Leandro City Council passed an ordinance amending its Transportation Permit Conditions, Procedures and related permit forms. The City's Transportation Permit Conditions and Procedures have been updated to closely reflect current Caltrans Conditions and Procedures. Permits are issued for the movement of an "Extralegal Load" as defined in the California Vehicle Code Section 320.5 VC.

Transportation permit applications may be received from the applicant either in person, via email, fax or first class mail. The City's goal is to provide a same day service; however; there is a 3 working day maximum for single trip permits and a 14 working day maximum for all other permits.

Please note: Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, staffing has been reduced and there may be a delay in processing permits. Thank you for your patience.

All applications are checked for accuracy, complication and to verify that the applicant meets all insurance requirements.

The insurance requirements are as follows:

  • $1 million general liability and $1 million auto insurance
  • The City of San Leandro must be named as additional insured

The City of San Leandro provides a list of fee-based permit services for information only and the City of San Leandro does not endorse or recommend any permit service and is not responsible for the representation or acts of these companies. Permit services are especially useful to the commercial trucking industry to expedite processing and to coordinate multiple permit applications. Permit services are always optional and never mandatory. The City of San Leandro gives no preferential treatment to permit service companies or their applications. See Authorized Permit Companies (PDF) for a list of permit services.

Single Trip Permit Application

A single trip permit is valid for a laden and unladen round-trip. The Clerk checks height, length, weight, overhang, and width specifications, and requested route on the application. If the application falls within the City of San Leandro Transportation Permit Procedure (PDF) criteria, then the vehicle is deemed acceptable for a single trip permit. For vehicle combinations with more than nine axles a completed Transportation Permit Rider (PDF) is required.

Download the Single Trip Permit Application (PDF).

Annual Permit Application

Generally, the City of San Leandro will allow an Annual Transportation Permit that is also allowed by CalTrans. If the applicant can provide an annual permit granted by CalTrans, the City of San Leandro will also consider issuing the same annual permit. The original copy of the Annual Permit is mailed (not faxed) to the permittee. The permittee must carry the original permit, with all required attachments, in the permitted vehicle. For annual permit requirements, please see the City of San Leandro Transportation Permit Procedure (PDF).

Download the Annual Permit Application (PDF).

Repetitive Permit Application

Contact the San Leandro Police Department (SLPD) Commercial Unit for information on Repetitive Permits.


Please note: The traffic office will be closed and permits will not be processed on the following days:

  • New Years Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday
  • Lincoln's Birthday
  • Washington's Birthday
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Veteran's Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • The Day After Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day

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