Megan's Law - Sex Offender Locator

With the enactment of California's Megan's Law in 1996, residents gained access to valuable information to help protect themselves and their loved ones from the threat of registered sex offenders. The California Department of Justice (DOJ) has greatly expanded public access to sex offender information by establishing the Megan's Law Internet website.

Megan's Law Website

Information on more than 63,000 registered sex offenders including the full addresses of more than 33,500 offenders. The address information, which was not previously available to the public, is graphically displayed on maps in relation to the user's neighborhood, other addresses, parks, and schools. The public is able to search names, addresses, cities, zip codes, counties, parks and schools. Information on specified persons who are required to register as sex offenders under Penal Code (PC) Section 290 is displayed. They are categorized as: "Full Address" or "Zip code Only" depending on the type, and number of sex offense(s) for which the offender has been convicted.

Sex offenders who have been granted a legal exclusion or have been convicted of an offense not requiring public disclosure (see PC Section 290.46) are not displayed. Even though an offender is not displayed, he/she is still required to register as a sex offender and meet all legal requirements contained in PC Section 290. Based on the search conducted, either an offender listing or offender profile will be shown. A list is provided when more than one offender matches the search criteria. From a listing, the public can access an offender's profile which includes: name, photograph; physical description; offenses; scars, marks and tattoos; aliases; registration status, city, zip code, and county. For sex offenders with full address information, a map indicates the specific locations of the offenders.

Megan's Law Website is Available in Variety of Languages

Megan's Law information is available in a number of languages and audio recordings in each available language can be found on the Attorney General's website. These links connect the user to the Megan's Law Internet website in the selected language and explain the purpose of the website.


The Megan's Law website also contains information and publications on such topics as: "How to Protect Yourself and Your Family;" "Frequently Asked Questions;" and "Facts About Sex Offenders."

Legal Use of Megan's Law Information

It is a crime to use the information disclosed on the Megan's Law Internet website to commit a misdemeanor or felony or to harass or discriminate against a sex offender.

Reporting Information

To report information concerning a sex offender, contact the Sexual Assault Detective at 510-577-3244.

You can also report information regarding a sex offender directly to the DOJ by opening a sex offender and clicking on the "Report Information to DOJ" button; or
by emailing the DOJ.