Nixle - Community Notification Service

On May 12, 2014, the San Leandro Police Department expanded their partnership with Nixle and will be using one central system for emergency communication.

NixleThe San Leandro Police Department began working with Nixle in February 2011 for the dissemination of community information. In the past 3 years, more than 2,000 people in the city have signed up to receive messages by text and email. The San Leandro Police Department is excited to announce the implementation of Nixle 360, which will replace our current emergency alert service, Code Red. Nixle 360 is designed to consolidate several notification systems into one easy to use platform. This new service will streamline the public notification process providing information to the community by text message, email, voice calls, social media, and also includes a component for citizens to report anonymous tips.

Nixle 360 includes an emergency notification system allowing the police department to initiate a voice message broadcast to residents or businesses based on their geographic location. Some examples of emergency notifications include evacuation notices, shelter in place notices, imminent threat to life or property, or any incident that could be defined as a community emergency (e.g. missing child).

Sign Up

Current Nixle subscribers will continue to receive the alerts they've subscribed to in the past, however, subscribers will need to modify their profile to receive additional alerts from the expansion of this system. We encourage all residents of San Leandro to sign up. To sign up, please visit the Nixle website. Nixle allows subscribers to customize their alerting preference; residents can choose to receive notification by text message, email, voice call, or social media.

The partnership between the San Leandro Police Department and Nixle will strengthen our emergency notification system, by integrating all of our current technology into one streamlined process using a single vendor.