Crime Stats

A formalized collection of national crime data was established by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) years ago to track crime activity across the country. As part of this effort, categories of offenses were chosen to comprise the nation's crime index due to their seriousness and frequency of occurrence. In the national tracking system they have been called Part I crimes.

The San Leandro Police Department (SLPD) submits Part I crime statistics to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) through the California Department of Justice. 

To ensure our community compares data consistently, SLPD has applied the FBI's reporting standards retroactively 5 years, beginning with data from January 1, 2015 to the present. The FBI's UCR program helps citizens compare crime between cities, regions, and states by standardizing which crimes get reported for tracking purposes. SLPD remains committed to advancing the City Council's goal of providing high-quality public safety (Goal "c").

Uniform Crime Report