Internet Policy

The Internet is unregulated and the Library cannot guarantee its accuracy. The Library provides assistance and training, but parents and guardians are responsible for setting guidelines and restrictions for their minor children. All computers are located in public areas where minors are present. The law prohibits "every person who, with knowledge that a person is a minor, knowingly...exhibits or offers to distribute or exhibit by any means, matter which is deemed "harmful to minors." (Penal Code 313 et seq.) The law also prohibits the exhibition of obscene matter to any person. (Penal Code 311 et seq.)

Education is the key to responsible, safe and intelligent Internet use. To help educate users, the library provides assistance, handouts and training in using the Internet. The Library recommends specific websites suitable for different ages such as children and teens. Library computers have a commercially produced filter product which attempts to block sites possibly objectionable. The Library cannot and does not guarantee that the filter will always block objectionable sites. Each library sets and posts rules to manage its available Internet resources. All users are expected to be respectful of others in using the Internet.

Approved by Library/Historical Commission October 2000.