San Leandro History Museum

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Mákkin Mak Muwekma, 'Akkoy Mak-Warep, Manne Mak Hiswi!
We Are Muwekma Ohlone, Welcome To Our Ancestral Homeland!
(Greeting from the Muwekma Tribal Administration)

The History Museum tells the story of San Leandro. Wall murals and life-size portraits set the scene for exhibits. A timeline of San Leandro begins with the first people, the Muwekma Ohlone, and follows the changes through Spanish/Mexican California, the Gold Rush, the beginnings of a new American town and the developments of the 20th Century through World War II. Concept exhibits include People from Many Lands, Oysters and the Bayshore, and Agriculture and Industry.

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Featured Exhibit
redlining graphic museum website

Decades of discriminatory practices on national, state, and local levels impacted the ability for people of color to own homes – resulting in long-term segregation and loss of generational wealth. The effects of housing discrimination continue to permeate our country’s landscape and with very real impacts on people today. Managing a path forward begins with acknowledgement and learning about this very complex and multi-faceted history. This historical exhibit is meant to spark conversations within the community to better understand this difficult and sensitive subject. 

Come view this new exhibit up at the Museum. Exhibit information is also available online here. A copy of this exhibit is currently up at the Main Library through September.