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Tutor (Library Card Needed)
Gale (Library Card Needed)

At Tutor.com you can connect with real tutors online for free everyday from 1 pm to 10 pm! Tutors can help with all subjects and grade levels.

Access thousands of magazine, journal and newsletter articles at the Gale website!

Ancient and Medieval History (Library Card Needed)
American History (Library Card Needed)

Infobase Ancient and Medieval History provides an in-depth coverage of ancient civilizations, from Ancient Egypt and Ancient Mesopotamia to Ancient Greece, Medieval Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

Infobase American History provides 500 years of the political, military, social and cultural history of America and its people.

Britannica School
Britannica Escolar

Use Britannica School to learn about countries, animals, inventions, famous people, and much more. Includes video clips.

Utilice Britannica Escolar para aprender sobre países, animales, ingeniería, personajes famosos y mucho más. Incluye videos.

ProQuest eLibrary (Library Card Needed)
ProQuest Culture Grams (Library Card Needed)

ProQuest eLibrary is a general reference tool that provides content, context, and pathways to teens as they research a topic. With eLibrary's Research Topics, users can review the best content, curated by editors

CultureGrams is an easy-to-use resource that helps kids learn about the world's cultures. Includes cultural information on U.S. States and countries around the world.

ProQuest SIRS Issues Researcher (Library Card Needed)
ProQuest SIRS Discoverer (Library Card Needed)

ProQuest SIRS Issues Researcher provides analysis and opinions cover the pros, cons, and everything in between on the most researched and debated social issues. The content is tagged with Lexile reading levels and subject headings and includes 3,000+ interactives, maps, timelines, and primary sources.

ProQuest SIRS Discoverer is great for biography reports, animal reports, and research on hot topics

LinkedIn Learning
Universal Class

Choose from more than 5,000 on-demand courses from LinkedIn Learning, and watch on your own schedule. Access LinkedIn Learning courses from any device-anytime and anywhere. Watch courses on business, creative and technology skills.

Universal Class offers over 500 self-paced and instructor-led courses for professional or personal growth, including Arts and Crafts, Cooking, Health and Medicine, and many more.

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